Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Production Line: Efficient and Advanced Manufacturing Process

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Spunlace nonwoven fabric, which is used in everyday items such as face masks,  dry wipes, and facial masks, is produced using specialized equipment designed for making nonwoven fabric products. This equipment utilizes high-speed water jets to fuse suspended fiber layers together, forming a continuous nonwoven fabric. The production line typically consists of three main stages: pre-processing, web layer production, and post-processing.


The primary task of the pre-processing stage is to clean and mix the raw materials to produce nonwoven fabric products that meet the necessary requirements. Additionally, the pre-processed raw materials must undergo opening and loosening to facilitate subsequent processing. Key pre-processing factors include raw material quality, water quality, temperature, pH levels, and more.

Web Layer Production

The web layer production stage is at the core of the entire production line. During this stage, the pre-processed raw materials are fed into a spray nozzle, and high-speed water jets fuse the suspended fibers together, forming a continuous nonwoven fabric. The biggest challenge during this stage is controlling the pressure and speed of the high-speed water jets while ensuring uniform distribution of fibers in all directions.


The post-processing stage is crucial for producing high-quality nonwoven fabric products. It includes multiple sub-stages, such as drying, coating, and embossing. Drying is the most critical stage, as it involves dehydration and drying of high-moisture nonwoven fabric products. In this stage, drying temperature and time need to be adjusted according to product requirements to ensure quality and performance.

Characteristics of Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric Production Line

The Spunlace nonwoven fabric production line is characterized by high production efficiency, excellent product quality, and long service life. Therefore, in current large-scale production, the cost is relatively low, and there are numerous applications in various fields such as food, medicine, hygiene, and industry. It can even produce multi-layer nonwoven fabric materials, such as 3 ply nonwoven face masks available on the market. As technology matures, it continues to meet market demands.


The Spunlace nonwoven fabric production line is an advanced manufacturing equipment that greatly improves the efficiency and quality of nonwoven fabric products. It provides high-quality products while maintaining hygiene and safety standards, making it a widely used material in health and safety applications. We hope this introduction gives you a better understanding of Spunlace nonwoven fabric production lines.

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