What is cotton spunlace nonwoven?

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Cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric is a relatively advanced nonwoven fabric, which is a very popular fabric in our husheng textile company. Our cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric is specially treated fabric, the most important feature is very soft, has good water absorption, is not easy to be torn, and can be used as wet wipes, wet and dry wipes, sanitary raw materials, etc. So let's start the procurement and understanding of cotton spunlace!


How to choose a good cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric factory?

When purchasing, it is a simple matter to find a reliable cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric factory . You need to know the quality of the products and the production environment of the factory. You also need to observe the products produced by the factory. Generally speaking, cotton spunlace factories with high reputations and quality usually have their product lines, producing wet wipes, hygiene materials, and possibly beauty mask supplier, who not only provide raw materials but also complete products. Such a factory is highly recommended. Besides, you should also pay attention to the price of the products, as well as the after-sales service and credit of the factory.


Use of organic cotton

Generally, cotton spunlace nonwovens use organic cotton because the purpose is to protect the environment and reduce the use of pesticides. And in the process of product use, the use of organic cotton grown without pesticides, there is no harm to the human body. And the use of organic cotton, you can have better softness and antibacterial properties. And the use of organic cotton needs to be treated with active enzymes. Relatively speaking, the first use of organic cotton has a higher quality of the product.


The environmental impact of organic cotton

Our husheng textile manufacturer uses organic cotton with fewer pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the production of cotton spunlace nonwoven because it has a minimal impact on the environment. This helps to protect the soil and reduce water loss, thus preserving the ecology of the cotton-growing region.



Cotton spunlace is a high-quality fabric with many uses and advantages, so it is very important to select a reliable nonwoven factory. The first thing is the product testing ability and production technology of the nonwoven production factory. It is important to know the production efficiency and annual output of the factory, how long the delivery time is, and what is the product inspection standard. And what are the international standards observed? All very important, as well as the logistics capacity of the non-woven factory, is also very important. If the location of the factory is not good, then the delivery time and logistics will be very risky and increase the cost.


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