What are the types of wipes?

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Wet wipes have been developed in the past few years. Now we can say that our lives cannot be separated from wet wipes. There are many types of wet wipes, almost all of which correspond to our lives. So do you know what types of wet wipes are there? Let the staff of Xinxiang Zunzhini share it with you.

1. Nursing type:

Nursing wipes are generally used to clean, sterilize, detoxify, remove acne, moisturize, unclog pores, remove odors, and balance care of the face, hands, skin, and genitals. Because the wet wipes are completely close to the skin when in use. So everyone should pay more attention when choosing.

2. Infant type:

Baby wipes are wipes specially designed for babies. Compared with adult wipes, baby wipes have higher requirements because babies’ skin is very delicate and prone to allergies. Baby wipes are divided into ordinary wet wipes and hand wipes. Ordinary baby wipes are usually used to wipe the baby's butt, and hand wipes are used to wipe the baby's mouth and hands.

3. Daily use type:

Daily-use type is generally used for daily cleaning and disinfection of face, hands and skin, clean and disinfection of skin in public places, before and after communication, before and after cash register, clean and disinfection after touching handles and buttons in and out of public places, and clean and clean office supplies and utensils. Disinfection to prevent disease transmission. People can use disinfection wipes to wipe their hands, wipe public seats, doorknobs, desktops, computers, and telephones to disinfect and prevent infection. They are the protector of disease prevention and are essential for social, business, travel, daily work and life. .

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