How to distinguish the pros and cons of wet wipes?

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I believe that when you take your baby out, you are accustomed to bringing a lot of things for yourself. In addition to the necessary baby bottles, water bottles, diapers, there are also thermos, gauze, wipes, tissues, a set of clothes, etc. The most commonly used ones are probably paper towels. And wet wipes too. So how to distinguish the pros and cons of wet wipes? The following wet wipes custom manufacturer Junzhini technicians will answer in detail for you.

How to distinguish the pros and cons of wet wipes:

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1. Put the wet wipes to your nose and smell it gently. If it is a reliable wipes, everyone will smell a mild and elegant taste, which does not have any irritation. If it is a bag of inferior wet wipes, when you smell it, you will feel a very obvious pungent taste.

2. Trustworthy wipes are made of reliable raw materials, and everyone can see that the non-woven fabric is white and has no residue. The raw materials of inferior wet wipes are very poor. Everyone can see that there are very obvious residues on the top. You can trust that the wet wipes will not have very obvious pilling in the application process, and the inferior wet wipes have very bad conditions in the application process. Obvious pilling situation.

wet wipes

3. After taking out the wet wipes, if mildew has formed on the wet wipes, this kind of wet wipes cannot be used. If you feel that your skin is irritating during the process of applying wet wipes, such as relatively itchy or painful feelings, you should immediately wash it with clean water and no longer use it to prevent further damage.

4. Conscientiously check the product endorsements, and select products from regular and reliable manufacturers that have detailed factory addresses, service telephone numbers, health standards, corporate standards, and relevant health department filing information.

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