Airline Wet Wipes High Quality

Our Airline Wet Wipes are made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials, designed specifically for use in the aviation industry. They offer a convenient solution for travelers to maintain personal hygiene during flights. Our wet wipes are soft, gentle, and highly effective in cleaning, moisturizing, and disinfecting. They come in individual sachets that are easy to carry and use on the go. With our commitment to quality and sustainability, you can trust our airline wet wipes to provide a safe and reliable solution for your travel needs.

MaterialNonwoven fabric
LotionAloe vera, Vitamin E, or Customized
Packaging MaterialAluminum foil
Size (Wipe)12x18cm
GSM (Nonwoven Fabric)40-60 gsm
FragranceUnscented or Customized
CertificateISO9001, CE, FDA, SGS
FeaturesConvenient, Portable, Eco-Friendly, Safe, Gentle, Moisturizing, and Disinfecting

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