Biodegradable nonwoven fabric

We, Husheng Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturer, specialize in producing biodegradable nonwoven fabric, which is a degradable and environmentally friendly material made by adding biodegradable raw materials. It has good biodegradability and degradability, contributing to environmental protection. We offer customized products with different sizes and colors, as well as supporting other process customization and semi-finished product processing. Our biodegradable nonwoven fabric can be widely used in disposable products, packaging materials, soil coverage, and other fields.

Additional Information


MaterialBiodegradable raw materials
Weight Range15gsm - 80gsm
Width10cm - 320cm
ColorWhite, Black, or customized
Roll DiameterUp to 1.2m
Core Diameter76mm (3 inches) or 152mm (6 inches)
PackagingRoll form
Tensile StrengthMD: ≥14N/5cm; CD: ≥10N/5cm
ElongationMD: ≥50%; CD: ≥70%
Biodegradability≥90% within 180 days
FeaturesSoft, Breathable, Eco-friendly, Biodegradable, etc.
ApplicationsDisposable products, Packaging materials, Soil coverage, etc.


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