What is the non-woven cotton fabric?

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Nonwoven cotton fabric is a nonwoven fabric that is made of cotton fibers combined to form a continuous network of fibers. It is produced and manufactured without threading and weaving. It is made by combining fiber materials to form a flat textile, in which the general raw materials are used cotton, polyester, nylon, and other materials. The following is a description of how they are produced.

Difference between the wet and dry manufacturing process

Wet Manufacturing

The wet manufacturing process involves suspending the fibers in a liquid and forming a wet web using appropriate treatment. The wet web then undergoes steps such as compaction and drying, where the fibers are bonded to each other and form a continuous fiber network.

Dry Manufacturing

The dry manufacturing process binds the fibers together directly using hot rolling or needling. Hot rolling involves placing the fibers between hot rollers and binding them by heat and pressure. Needling, on the other hand, is the penetration and interweaving of the fibers through a needling device to form a strong network structure.

Process treatment

Nonwoven cotton fabrics can be further processed and treated to be able to produce nonwoven cotton fabrics with different effects and softness, such as hot ginning, embossing, coating, etc. The performance and appearance can be increased. Finally, the nonwoven cotton fabric can be made more stable and durable by shaping.

The advantages of non-woven cotton fabric

The advantages of nonwoven cotton fabric are very many, with good breathability. Nonwoven cotton is very soft and ideal for intimate apparel and household products. And on very good water absorption and drainage properties. The nonwoven fabric also has good abrasion and tear resistance and can resist friction and tension very well.

Applications of non-woven cotton fabric

Nonwoven cotton can be used in many industries, in the medical industry can be used in surgical gowns, masks, nursing uniforms, etc., can provide better comfort and protection. Used in personal care products can be used in sanitary napkins, diapers, and cotton. Nonwoven cotton can be used not only in the medical industry and personal care but also in the automotive industry, and the construction industry. It is also used in agriculture, where it maintains the moisture content of the soil and keeps the soil stable and drained.


Non-woven cotton fabric is a special manufacturing process of textiles, this is not woven can be produced, It is the use of fibers to form a continuous network of fibers, is breathable and comfortable, and moisture absorption has a very good point. And a wide range of applications, in the future will become more and more popular, and the prospects for application will be more extensive.

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