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What is spunlace printing nonwoven fabric?

Spunlace printing nonwoven fabric is a special fabric produced using advanced high-pressure water jet technology. This unique material has many advantages, such as being soft, breathable, and moisture-absorbent. By utilizing the printing technique, various patterns and appearances can be quickly applied to the nonwoven fabric. Spunlace printing nonwoven fabric is commonly used in industries like clothing, footwear, packaging, and more. It meets the requirements of different customers while also adhering to environmental standards. It shares similar characteristics with our hydroentangled nonwoven fabric. We can also produce elastic nonwoven fabric based on your specific needs. Contact us now and let us get in touch with you! We are professional suppliers of spunlace nonwoven fabric.

Nonwoven Fabric Varieties
Spunbond Nonwoven
Meltblown Nonwoven
Needle-Punched Nonwoven
Spunlace Nonwoven
Thermal Bonded Nonwoven
Chemical Bonded Nonwoven
Air-laid Nonwoven
Composite Nonwoven
SMS Nonwoven
SSMMS Nonwoven
Biodegradable Nonwoven
Electrostatic Nonwoven
Nano-fiber Nonwoven

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What is spunlace printing nonwoven fabric

Spunlace printing nonwoven fabric is a type of fabric produced using high-pressure water jet technology. It combines the softness and breathability of spunlace nonwoven fabric with the added feature of colorful printed patterns.

What are the advantages of spunlace printing nonwoven fabric? 

Spunlace printing nonwoven fabric offers softness, breathability, and moisture absorption along with visually appealing printed designs. It provides a combination of functionality and aesthetics.

How is spunlace printing nonwoven fabric produced? 

Spunlace printing nonwoven fabric is created by utilizing a high-pressure water jet printing method. The water jets create intricate patterns on the fabric's surface, resulting in vibrant and detailed prints.


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