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Our company is located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. We specialize in producing cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric with various sizes and colors available. Our spunlace nonwoven fabric is made from high-quality cotton, which feels soft and has excellent water absorption. We use advanced equipment to produce our products and have a series of quality control measures in place to ensure superior product quality.

Our cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric can be used in medical products, hygiene products, cosmetic wipes, cleaning wipes, clothing, bedding, and other applications. We also offer customizations such as width, weight, and color according to customer requirements.


CategoryProductsAdditional InformationUses of Cotton Spunlaced Nonwoven Fabric
Household ItemsWet wipes, moist towelettes, dish cloths, padsUsed for cleaning and hygiene purposesCotton spunlaced nonwoven fabric is used as the base material for various household cleaning wipes and pads due to its excellent water absorption, flexibility, and softness. It can also be used as a washcloth for personal care.
GroceriesCotton pads, gauze, masksUsed for personal care and protectionCotton spunlaced nonwoven fabric is commonly used as the base material for cosmetic cotton pads and medical gauze due to its absorbent and gentle nature. It can also be used as the inner layer of face masks for enhanced filtration.
Travel ItemsDisposable underwearConvenient for travel and emergenciesCotton spunlaced nonwoven fabric is used to make disposable underwear due to its comfort, breathability, and ease of use. It is particularly useful for travelers or emergency situations where clean clothing may not be readily available.
Medical SuppliesMasks, band-aidsUsed for medical purposesCotton spunlaced nonwoven fabric is used as the base material for surgical masks and band-aids due to its high absorbency and softness. It is also hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.
Industrial UseIndustrial materials, agricultural materials,Used in industrial and agricultural settingsCotton spunlaced nonwoven fabric is used as a wiping cloth for industrial and agricultural applications due to its superior cleaning ability and durability. It can also be used as a filter material due to its high filtration efficiency.

wiping rags

Additional Information


Spunlace, Hydroentanglement, Water-jet

Material Compostion


Basic Weight




Roll Diameter

Max. 1100mm




Sanitary Napkins, Wet Wipes, Cotton Pads

Packaging Details

Rolls with stretch wrapping film or as requirement

Supply Type


Charge Unit



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