What is wet wipes used for?

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With the development of society, the emergence of wet wipes has largely replaced wood pulp tissues. Not only are these wet wipes more convenient and hygienic, but they also have a wider range of uses. Wet wipes are a category that includes makeup wipes, hand and mouth wipes, wet toilet paper, and tissue wipes, among other products. They are very soft and not easily torn, as they are made of non-woven fabric. The non-woven fabric used in wet wipes comes from Zhejiang, China, with an annual production scale of 500,000 tons and a market size exceeding 20 billion US dollars. Wet wipes are commonly used as baby wipes, makeup wipes, household cleaning wipes, table napkins, and personal care wipes. The following are the main applications:

1. Baby wipes: Baby wipes are used as cleaning products for babies, mainly for cleaning the baby's mouth, face, hands, buttocks, and other areas. Baby wipes use soft fabrics and gentle cleaning ingredients, without any irritating components, making them gentle on the baby's skin. They effectively clean and maintain the baby's skin moisture, making them an essential cleaning product for parents when taking their babies out.

2. Makeup wipes: Makeup wipes are specifically designed for makeup removal, with a gentle effect that easily removes facial makeup, cleanses the skin, and does not cause irritation or harm to the skin. Makeup wipes are convenient for use when traveling, going out, or when normal makeup removal is not feasible.

3. Household cleaning wipes: Household cleaning wipes are products used for daily household cleaning, suitable for various household surfaces such as tables, cabinets, floors, and furniture. These wipes have functions such as sterilization, deodorization, dirt removal, and shining, making it quick and easy to maintain a clean and hygienic home environment.

4. Table napkins: Table napkins are convenient for cleaning tableware and mouths, commonly used in restaurants, fast food outlets, and during in-flight meals. These napkins use soft paper and cleaning ingredients to effectively remove food residue around the mouth, maintaining oral cleanliness and hygiene.

5. Personal care wipes: Personal care wipes are used for personal hygiene, such as women's hygiene wipes and adult wipes. They use soft fabrics and gentle care ingredients to effectively absorb secretions and maintain cleanliness and dryness in private areas.

In summary

Wet wipes are a very practical cleaning product with multiple uses, meeting people's cleaning needs in various situations conveniently and quickly. Therefore, wet wipes are a perfect product, as it is very easy to choose the type of wet wipes and their prices are not high.

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