Applications of Nonwoven Fabric in the Hygiene Industry

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Hygiene materials are generally made of nonwoven materials, which are made of chemical and natural fibres or other synthetic materials. There are many nonwoven fabric manufacturers in China, and their processes are similar. The new nonwoven textiles are made by spinning, web forming, heat treatment, and bonding. The product has many advantages, such as softness, breathability, anti-mildew, and not easy to shed.

Nonwovens are used in many fields, such as health care, personal care, household cleaning, packaging and agriculture. Today we are mainly talking about the health field, which covers personal care and medical treatment. Generally speaking, common nonwoven products in health include Hygiene napkins, medical masks, face masks, wet wipes, etc.

What are the nonwoven products in the hygiene field?

1. Hygiene Wipes

As the main material of  Hygiene napkins, nonwoven fabric has become the market's mainstream. Compared with traditional Hygiene napkins, nonwoven napkins are softer and more comfortable and can better fit the body's curves, reducing side leakage and discomfort. At the same time, their high absorbency and fast drying characteristics also ensure that the user is dry and comfortable during menstruation.

2. Medical masks

Nonwovens are also widely used in the field of medical masks. Medical masks need to have a variety of functions, such as protection against particles and liquid splashes, and the high-density fibres of nonwovens can filter airborne bacteria and viruses well while at the same time having breathability, making breathing more natural and comfortable. The nonwoven material has a tolerable water content, even in the face.

3. Facial Mask

As people's demand for beauty and skincare increases, nonwoven fabrics are beginning to take their place in the mask industry. Compared with other mask materials, nonwoven fabrics have better adsorption and fit, which can penetrate the essence into the deeper layers of the skin, thus achieving better moisturizing, repairing and whitening effects.

4. Wet wipes and dry wipes

Nonwoven wipes are a convenient and practical cleaning tool with many applications. With high absorbency and soft comfort, nonwoven wipes can remove dirt and bacteria from hands more effectively and are also suitable for various scenarios, such as daily baby care and household cleaning.

As an important hygienic material, nonwovens play an important role in medical, personal care and household cleaning. As people pay more attention to the hygienic environment and personal health, the application prospect of nonwoven fabrics will be even broader. In the new crown period, nonwoven fabrics can be used for important products such as masks, which greatly impacted that memorable period of the new coronavirus pneumonia.

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