Advantages of Nonwoven Fabric in Medical Products

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Non-woven fabrics, widely used in health and medical fields, are made from a unique process that does not require spinning or weaving. As a result, they have many unique properties and advantages. This paper will introduce the concept and characteristics of non-woven fabrics, explore their applications in health and medical supplies, analyze their advantages, and look forward to their future development prospects.


A. Introducing the concept and characteristics of non-woven fabric

Non-woven fabric (NWF) refers to the process of manufacturing web-like structures or articles directly from fibers or other continuous materials without spinning or weaving. Due to its lack of yarn and weaving, it is called non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabrics overcome the disadvantages of traditional fabrics and have features such as lightweight, soft, breathable, soundproof, waterproof, skid-resistant, and durable.

B. The importance of non-woven fabric in health and medical supplies

As people's demand for high-quality living increases, the demand for health and medical products also escalates. Non-woven fabrics, as essential materials for health and medical supplies, can help people maintain better health and improve their quality of life.

Applications of non-woven fabric in health products

A. Sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkins are indispensable hygiene products for women during their menstrual period. Non-woven fabric, as the core material, ensures the product's comfort, safety, and absorption performance. After processing, non-woven fabric forms a porous web structure, providing good breathability and rapid absorption performance for sanitary napkins.

B. Adult diapers

As the population ages, demand for adult diapers continues growing. Non-woven fabric offers excellent water absorption and breathability, providing better comfort, safety, and moisture retention for adult diapers.

C. Baby diapers

Baby diapers are essential hygiene products for infants and young children. Non-woven fabric, as the primary material, ensures the product's softness, comfort, and absorption performance. After processing, non-woven fabric forms a sturdy web structure, enabling baby diapers to absorb urine quickly while remaining dry.

D. Facial cleansing wipes

Facial cleansing wipes are an indispensable hygiene product in daily life. Non-woven fabric, as the base material, offers excellent softness and water absorption performance, making people's faces cleaner and more comfortable.

Applications of non-woven fabric in medical supplies

A. Medical masks

Medical masks are vital tools for preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria. Non-woven fabric, as one of the core materials for manufacturing, provides good sealing and breathability, effectively preventing the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

B. Medical bandages

Medical bandages are necessary for surgery and wound dressings. Non-woven fabric, as one of the essential materials, provides patients with excellent comfort and breathability. After processing, non-woven fabric forms

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