How to make the best use of the non-woven mask?

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A girl who loves beauty can apply facial masks. Today I will tell you a way to make the best use of beauty masks. How many people can use up the toner that has been absorbed by applying a facial mask? How many people throw away the essence of the mask before they can absorb the essence of the mask on their face? There are also those packaged masks and masks, and there are so many essences that are useless? Today I will sort out for everyone, and make the money I spend more valuable.

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First of all, if you are using a facial mask, you have to put an appropriate amount of softening lotion in the bubble bottle and soak it in the bubble bottle. can use. Tear it open, then place it on your face and press it tightly with your hands.

If there is a facial mask soaked with essence milk inside, just tear it apart and use it. For the usage method, please refer to a one-piece facial mask.

Since the sheet mask itself has been soaked in the essence milk, the moisture content of the mask can only be too much. If you feel that there is too much water, you can gently dry it in the bag with your hands without touching the bottom essence and let the mask pass Many essences flow down the package.

beauty masks

After applying the mask to the face, if you feel that the moisture is not very even, if it is a one-pill form, you can spray some artificially with a spray bottle by yourself. If it is a sheet mask soaked in essence milk, you can use a spoon to spread it evenly. After 15-20 minutes, take off the mask.

No matter what kind of mask, it is impossible to be fully absorbed by the face and dry up in such a short time. It still contains some moisture. If it is a mask, you can take it off and place it on your neck. If you feel that it is almost absorbed, then take it off. If there is still moisture, of course, the moisture will be less than the previous one. You can fold it up and wipe the dry areas on your body until you feel that there is some left. You can wipe your hands, calves, and feet.

beauty masks

If it is a sheet mask, you can refer to a one-piece mask for efficient use of the mask, but there is also the essence milk in the package. You can keep it for yourself the next morning or night as the essence cream and apply it on your face, or you can When the body lotion is used up on the same day, you can also make a moisturizer and apply it on dry skin. After all, it is important to hydrate in autumn and winter.

There are many types of beauty masks. Before using a beauty mask, we must first learn how to choose a beauty mask that suits us, and how to choose a safe and practical beauty mask? Please check my article: How to choose a good beauty mask? to determine which one is your fit.

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