How to choose a good beauty mask? It is important to choose a good beauty mask manufacturer

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The beauty mask is easy to use and has a fast effect. It can brighten the skin tone and control the balance of water and oil. How to choose a beauty mask? famous brand? Expensive? Professional beauticians give readers the following suggestions.


1. Choose beauty masks according to product characteristics

First of all, you need to know the criteria for measuring beauty masks. First select the efficacy and ingredients of the beauty mask, and determine whether the beauty mask has the efficacy and ingredients you want. For example, a moisturizing facial mask, you must see whether there are effective moisturizing ingredients such as small molecule hyaluronic acid, Tremella extract, serine, etc. in the ingredients.

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Then choose the material and skin feel of the beauty mask. The material of the membrane cloth has a great influence on the skin. If the membrane cloth is not good, it may suck up moisture from the skin and even irritate the skin. It is recommended to choose tencel, fiber, bamboo charcoal and other membrane cloths, which are skin-friendly and soft.


2. Choose beauty masks based on production qualifications and product prices

Select the filing and production qualifications of beauty masks. You can go to the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration to check the beauty masks you are preparing to start. The basic guarantee is only if you have registered beauty masks on the Internet.


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Also pick the price of the mask. If the price of the mask is too cheap and has good whitening, spot-removing, wrinkle-removing and other effects, it is either exaggerated or added unsafe hormonal ingredients. It is true that some beauty masks are of good quality, but the results are not satisfactory, indicating that this beauty mask is not suitable for you.


3. Choose a beauty mask according to the nature of your skin

The facial masks are different for different skin conditions. How to quickly restore fair skin if tanned? It is best to choose a beauty mask that removes black and brightens. The beauty mask contains licorice, rose, niacinamide, vitamin C, etc., and beauty masks with these ingredients have a good moisturizing effect.


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What if the skin is dry and oily? Please focus on hydrating and regulating the skin's water and oil balance. A beauty mask containing plant essential oils and ceramide ingredients can fully regulate the balance of water and oil and help the skin restore the stratum corneum.

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